Offline mode

shteev Posts: 2,031 Chairperson of the Boards
I'd like a offline mode so I can play on the train without having to pay loads for their wifi!! icon_e_smile.gif

If I have to gain 0 runes or crystals from games in order to facilitate this and avoid the potential for abuse, I'd be absolutely fine with that. (Although I'd like to clearly specify that I wanted to play offline for a while, I'd hate for the game to just lose it's connection and take away any rewards for playing!)

I believe Tekken uses a system where, when you play online, it records 'ghosts' of other players and allows you to play against versions of them created from that stored data offline later on. Recording the 'ghost' of a player on QuickBattle would require storing the data of the 10 cards in their deck, and their level, which is practically nothing.