PX + QS + IF = slowfinite?

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So... I think I know why they nerfed QS's black damage when they dropped his casting cost.

For 5 blacktile.png AP (with 4 locked tiles) you can swap two tiles and do a small amount of damage.
PX, when at a low enough level, can grant 5 blacktile.png AP to QS if he is the strongest color.
IF can create match 5s and fill the board with black for 5 purpletile.png AP.
Every match 5 from IF creates an exploding head + 5 blacktile.png AP.

It works, but MAN is it slow. the board gets drained of purple pretty quick sometimes, forcing you to just swap tiles to make match 3 blacks. Yes, this means you can keep swapping for a long time, but it takes time to scour the board for the right matches. You also tend to lose locked tiles when you use IF's purple. Most of the time I tried to hold on until the board gave me a match 5, but that takes a lot of time to plan out.

Instead, I was using OML, IF, and QS. This isn't a true winfinite combo, as it isn't self-sustaining, but you can build up 20 blacktile.png AP pretty quick with a double cast of IF's purple. You match away anything really dangerous, drop a black strike tile set, and then just go nuts swapping to make black or purple matches (which will actually hurt with OML strikes).


  • Ebolamonkey84
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    The more you use it, the better you get at seeing the patterns that can be swapped into a match 5. My problem with this PVE is that PX, IF, and QS all have the same highest match damage, so I don't always get the black I need.

    I swapped in OML as well, but removed IF instead of the professor. I was able to get 10K damage easily on some swaps due to PX blue and crits on OML colors.
  • TxMoose
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    I've used px/mystique/qs in a heroic before too. mainly because boosted px tanked and didn't have a good partner. so match-5s made blue, which you could use to flood board with purple/black and use black to manipulate board and set stuff up. not wildly effective but was able to muddle through with them when needed. gave me another team to throw at things with characters I wouldn't have used otherwise.
  • Blahahah
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    Honestly if you champion QS and throw in say... Thor.
    Would let QS tank black and as long as you mind your leveling you should be able to make black the strongest color.
    Thor provides potential for more match 5s and it makes sure that any color you match up will be put to some use in some way.
  • johnnyzero
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    I've been using PX + QS + an underleveled OML during the Hulk PVE and it's been quite effective. You lose the purple-to-black battery that IF offers, but OML is out front taking the hits, and Prof X's blue is generating black off of OML's strongest color, so your QS doesn't even have to be that leveled up.
  • Pylgrim
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    It is slow but really fun. People who used to complain that nerfing magneto's old blue ability took their favourite part of the game away should be all over this.