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I'm really new and trying to put together a good team. So far what i'm gathering is that storm classic, and either thor, wolvie, or ragnarok is a solid start. I currently have thor and wolvie available and was wondering on which to go with. After that I'm wondering what to pursue as a good third. I have one purple classic spidey but haven't had much luck finding any more covers for him. So my team would look something like storm classic/thor-wolvie/spidey. Please help I don't know what i'm doing lol.



  • For now i love those infinite combo teams.
    Modern Storm+Thor+x is the best setup in my oppinion. With a maxed red skill from storm + her green she can often do "infinite" activations of her skills when supported with Thors yellow.

    I often read those classic storm teams, but you have to get hit pretty hard to activate her passive and i rather not get hit. and this is not to hard to accomplish with modern storm + thor. another boardclear or sweaper would be nice for a different colour. Dr. Dooms blue skill would be awesome for this job, but right now i dont have him.

    So i often use modern Black Widow. She has a great stun and her purple keeps the ball rolling.