Known Issue: Lost Game Progress After 1.3.1 Patch *Updated

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*Update* (02/23/16)


We wanted to provide an update with a bit more clarity on the issue from the developers:

"Lost your save after updating?

This is due to the device ID being changed while updating. This issue is random and can impact anyone.
When the device ID changes, a new account is created and bound to your device. Your initial account is safe, however, and is still in our database. We will need to re-bind it to your device.

In order to retrieve your save, you must provide the nickname used in the initial account AND the new account, as well as your current user ID (found in the Settings screen in the game). You can also send us a screenshot of your Settings screen if you are unsure. Please contact Customer Support with the relevant information and we will restore your account."

Thank you!


Hi everyone,

We are aware that some players have reported a loss of game progress after installing the 1.3.1 update. The developers are working diligently on a fix and hope to have the bug permanently squashed as soon as possible.

If you have experienced a recent loss of progress in your game please reach out to Customer Support who can restore your game and fix the issue:

We apologize for any inconvenience experienced. Thanks very much!
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