Toughest boosted 4*s?

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I can take on most 4* teams in pvp. However I found that Rhulk was particularly challenging when boosted. The 5000 aoe damage for just 9 green was pretty tough. Also boosted iceman is quite challenging as well. Strangely enough, I didn't find boosted jg, hb or cyclops to be that hard, because I could usually down them before they can do too much.


  • slf03c
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    Definitely Red Hulk. I have him championed and he destroyed everything in both PVE and PVP when boosted.
  • Cylaali
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    i enjoyed boosted carnage as well a few weeks back. i skipped over him in pvp, even though he's champed for me. tough to play against
  • Vhailorx
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    Well, the hardest things to fight are self-acceleration (obviously), aoe damage (can't hide weaker team members), and ap denial (obviously).

    All of the top 4*s have some of these features, but only two have all 3:

    Rulk + iceman. So those are my votes for the hardest to fight both overall and when boosted.

    JG is just a tad behind because she is slower (no self acceleration).

    Cyclops and imhb are another notch down as they have no ap denial and no aoe, just strong self-acceleration.