Cards in Hand limit.

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I would like to see a fix where you can draw as many cards as your turn allows, but you are forced to discard at end of turn like real Magic.


  • Phaserhawk wrote:
    I would like to see a fix where you can draw as many cards as your turn allows, but you are forced to discard at end of turn like real Magic.

    And allow bounce to work with it. icon_cool.gif
  • Irgy
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    I'd prefer a fix where you discard as soon as you draw the card (or indeed just before you draw the card), rather than at the end of the turn. For two reasons:
    1. I suspect it's more likely to happen. It's a smaller shift from the existing design and the developers are stubborn on deliberate design choices (and rightfully so, that's not necessarily a criticism, changing many fundamental design choices all the time would be worse than being stubborn)
    2. It allows the 6 card in hand limit to be true all the time. Which might in turn eventually allow them to put all the cards in your hand on one screen.
  • The problem with an immediate discard is twofold. First, it creates off-turn play, a mechanism currently not present and would slow gameplay down. Second, it OPs bounce because now bounce once again destroys a card by requiring the effected player to discard without the opportunity to play a card instead, though now the destroyed card would be their choice.

    The more elegant approach to allowing bounce to work despite hand size is to momentarily increase the hand size and allow cards to be played before having to discard.
  • I personally like the way it works now.

    Instead of just putting all the power in blue you have a choice, play fewer cards and bait the bounce, or go in with cards and take the risk. Instead of before where it was all just "i sure hope he doesn't have a bounce oh dear he has a bounce oh well gg".

    Bounce is still very powerful and much better in the hands of players than the AI. As it should be.

    I used to want to have end of turn discard as well but ... I have thought about it and really I have to say the current implementation of a hard hand size limit is a good thing.

    It makes the game faster, and the new exile card ability makes card draw still relevant while making you take a risk in dumping cards - you can't draw up to 7 and only discard what you don't want. This way your hand limit size is important to think about and there are decisions to be made, while allowing normal gameplay to be streamlined.

    Remember the point isn't to emulate MtG entirely - MtG's hand size and design decisions could very well not work at all here. And I think this is one case where the limit here makes a lot more sense than selective discard, which is slow and which most players will have little need of.
  • Upstartes
    I also have a fondness for the way paper Magic (and many other card games) work with respect to hand size limits: you can go over, but you have to discard down to the limit at certain times (like the end of your turn).

    However, as it stands now, this game has something Magic doesn't have: the ability to discard (exile, actually) as many cards from your hand as you want on your turn. I think that this combined with the hard hand limit that currently exists works well enough. It is more restrictive than the traditional hand-limit method, and adds in some weird bits (like no bounce to a full hand), but it also adds some extra strategic choices about when and what to discard.

    If implementing the traditional hand-limit would require some significant effort, I'd prefer other things to be tackled first. If it's a simple fix, though, I'd be fine with the change. I'm just not too concerned about the way things are now operating.
  • Mikeymike
    Mechanically you are absolutely right. However, I could see it being pretty challenging to implement a 'discard at end-of-turn' system without it being prone to bugs. It's hard to explain, but working in software it's just one of those things that feels naturally problematic.

    There is another negative side effect, doing this would immediately imbalance all card-drawing spells out there right now (along with Nissa's first ability). Just imagine if Sigiled Starfish kept drawing cards for you even at 6 - there would be no way Jace would ever lose.
  • Yea right now it is very easy to get "card advantage".

    The main thing is that you have to discard down to 4 to use it, which seems like something that actually requires player skill and decision making, which is always a good thing.
  • I like the way it works now too, but would like to see future support cards that allow an additional card as long as the support is active or something.

    I would even like to see support cards that can cause the 6 card limit to be reduced. Maybe even a creature bonsu while active.