Simple AI improvement suggestions

Upstartes Posts: 98
It appears that some AI improvement already occurred in the last patch, but it's still pretty easy to roll over the AI in most Quick Battles (barring lucky cascades and such).

Obviously some aspects of improving the AI are complicated. In other cases, however, I feel like there are probably simple things that could be done to improve things. I'd like to try to collect as many of these "easy fixes" in one place for the benefit of the developer team.

I'll start:

1) Have the AI make 5-gem matches. The AI seems to have a strong preference for making 4-gem matches, even when a 5-gem match can be made with the same gems instead. I feel like the AI would generally do better if it went for the 5-gem matches (even though there may sometimes advantages to making the 4-match over the 5).

2) Have the AI go first. Maybe this is more complex of a change than I think, but if not, this seems like a no-brainer. Going first provides an edge, and since the AI is already at a disadvantage, it seems to make more sense to give that edge to the AI.

3) Have Liliana hold onto her cards sometimes. Liliana seems to use her discard ability as soon as it is available, every time, even when it leaves her with not cards in hand. I have played games where I had creatures on the board and she did not, but because she got a series of cascades that kept her loyalty filled, she used her power again and again, leaving her cardless, and thus defenseless. I ran over her. If she had avoided using her power even once, she might have been able to cast something that would have saved her. Maybe this has been fixed with the new update, but if not, it should be.

4) Adjust card order priorities when facing Mizzium Meddler. Maybe this improved with the last patch, but if so, not enough. When the AI has a Meddler, I put the card I want to cast at the bottom of my hand - or, at the very least, I put my second-highest priority card there. It seems like it wouldn't be too hard to make the AI do that. This would also avoid the need to nerf the Meddler, which I think a lot of people are calling for.