Gideon's emblem ability is completely useless

Defender...and berserker? Are you joking right now?

Gideon's entire schtick is to not waste time with berserkers, instead using vigilance to block.

But oh wait what already provides vigilance? Right, his first ability.

I can see defender being SOMEWHAT useful in case you want to reorder your troops, thats it.

But berserker is a huge joke and completely pointless.

It is also so incredibly inefficient that you are almost always better off using his 2 twice.

Furthermore Gideon gets actively worse starting past level 38 when all his abilities cost more mana and provide no tangible bonus.

Remove berserker and add hexproof. You want an unstoppable wrecking ball (but don't want to provide first strike or lifelink, fine) then make one. Gideon's primary problem right now is bounce and DD, and for 24 mana I better get something that addresses this, instead of 2 useless attributes and an incredibly inefficient power boost.

In fact, even if you do nothing else, please remove berserker. It makes the ability actually worse than without it.


  • Eh, I wouldn't call it useless. While it definitely isn't as universally good as you'd expect a Super ability to be, Champion has won me plenty of games when casted on Consul's Lieutenant, who goes on to rip a new one on everything on the other side of the board.

    Generally Call to Arms is my go-to, but sometimes you only have 1 creature out and in that situation Champion is pretty boss.
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    What's DD stand for? I saw it frequently mentioned but not referenced
  • What's DD stand for? I saw it frequently mentioned but not referenced

    I guess it means direct damage in this case. Spells that deal damage to creatures.
  • A marginal mana efficiency (only at sub max level, and only if you only have 1 creature) vs a much better second ability isn't really symbolic of a capstone ability.

    Not to mention two duplicate abilities that make it pointless to level it.
  • Gideon was nerfed into the ground. All abilities come out faster, and since his are completely conditional on having creatures in the first place, its not a huge argument to make that he needs some love. Decrease costs across the board, and his super needs to actually be worth it. Lifelink was fine. First strike is a lttle broken. Bring one or the other back. But there is no reason for me to have berserker and defender. Its redundant and illogical. Or make the boost to a single creature titantic. As it is now, i never use it because the game is usually over well before i would ever need to.