Improved Card Collection and Card Sorting

raidan Posts: 128
I think it would be nice if they made it so you could see every card in the game under the collection tab. Any card that you have not yet received would be shadowed out, however you could still click on it and see what it's cost and abilities are. This feature could be turned on or off in collections and it would be always be off when deck building.

In addition, the ability to filter by creature, support, spell, and rarity is nice, it would be also nice if you could change the way the game sorted the cards. Right now the only option is by default to order filtered cards by descending mana cost. If you could also add the option to sort by ascended mana cost, I think that would help alleviate unnecessary scrolling. This would be especially useful for deck building.

Finally when you scroll to page x and add a card to your deck, it automatically scrolls you back to page 1. This can be a pain if you are going through the pages 1 by 1 and trying to add new cards because it makes more unnecessary scrolling as you get to the later pages.