Patch Notes v1.3.1 (02/19/16)

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Patch Notes 1.3.1!

• Random crashes in all of the game areas are now fixed.
• All new daily free Booster Packs.
• Increased Mana Runes rewards.
• Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements.

Free Booster Packs
    • Claim your free 3-card Booster Pack every 8 hours in the Vault! • This replaces the current 3-card Booster Pack that players could purchase with Runes - you can no longer purchase packs with Runes.

Reward Changes
    • Winning Quick Battles now rewards a flat 300 Runes per victory. • The amount of Ribbons awarded for Quick Battle victories are now dependent on the level of the Planeswalker you won with.
    o Levels 1 to 19: 1 Ribbon o Levels 20 to 29: 2 Ribbons o Levels 30 to 39: 3 Ribbons o Levels 40 to 49: 4 Ribbons o Level 50: 5 Ribbons
    • The amount of Runes won after replaying an Encounter in Story Mode has changed. The amount now depends on which Chapter the Encounter is located in.
    o All chapters: 50 Runes for a loss o Origins - Chapter One - Part 1: 100 Runes per victory o Origins - Chapter One - Part 2: 125 Runes per victory o Origins - Chapter Two - Part 1: 150 Runes per victory o Origins - Chapter Two - Part 2: 175 Runes per victory o Origins - Chapter Three - Part 1: 200 Rune per victory o Origins - Chapter Three - Part 2: 220 Runes per victory o Heroic Encounters: 250 Runes per victory
    • The rewards for the second Objective in every Encounter now gives 250 Runes (instead of 8 Crystals).

Potion Changes
    • Your Potions will now cap at 3 instead of 5. • The Potion regeneration timer remains the same, at 30 minutes per Potion.

Bug Fixes/Improvements
    • Fixed random crashes in all game areas. • The correct prices and currency are displayed for all the offers - they were previously incorrectly displayed in USD. Note that you were still charged the correct amount at the purchase confirmation point. • Chapters are now properly unlocked when connectivity loss occurs during the tutorial portion of the game. • The proper images are now shown for the Custom Pack and the Starter Pack in the Activity Hub. • Fixed a bug where some players were not switching to the proper color Event in Quick Battle. We optimized the experience for claiming rewards at the end of an Event. You should no longer experience latency.
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