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I have a few suggestions open to comment and critism.

1. Have been playing for a while and found black to be the weakest, even after it received the improvement. I have the majority of the deck cards and have tried multiple combinations, both on sacrifice and card removal with wins. It was effective but not always consistent.
My suggestion is to create a card for black that which would reveal the cards of the opponent and choose to discard one. It would need to be a low mana cost so probably a mytic, so to make it less powerful limit it to a creature/support/spell. This idea would see black be a on "more even playing field" against some of the other colors. I believe that with the exception of Dark Petition, the mechanic of working out of the graveyard is still a fair way off.

2. Understood that Gideon needed adjusting in the update - happy with that. My suggestion would be to see the support's cap in creating your deck (for lvl 50) be raised to more than 5. White has alot of good support cards but a fair few supports that require other supports to be highly effective (Starfield of Nyx, Sigil of the Empty Throne). No longer can you rely on Gideons ability til late game; only 3 creatures can be on the battlefield at one time, so Knightly Valour and Murder Investigation aren't as effective when you have to fill the rest of your deck spots with creatures (capped at 8). The spells available to white aren't that good, very situational and I rarely use them.

Now for some positive feedback:

1. Happy that Jace got adjusted. It was OP and was the PW I turned to for a sure win.
2. Glad to see that Nissa got the much loved mana ramp help it deserved. Never played it pre-update as it wasn't strong out of my other PWs.


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    im happy with my black deck, not doing bad with it

    what i really want to see in black is

    1) PW 1st skill at level 3 should discard your last card, not your last 2 cards, I REALLY hate how it got worse from lvl 2 to 3 (although you remove their 1st card which is a good thing) and its so damn expensive, considering that if i get 3 mana more i get the 2nd skill which i consider great, it sinergises with so many black cards (although i get picky i would tweak it a little bit because it sucks to spend 12 mana and not being able to do matches with the marked cards, it should at least guarantee 1 match)

    2) the discard mechanic is a tough one, even in real MTG, because it does not affect the game, you can discard all the cards in your opponents hand, but he could play each card he gets each turn and still beat you, thats why i think that all the discard cards are too expensive for what they do. There is a 12 mana spell that discards the last 2 cards of your opponent. That has absolutely no impact on my opponents business because he is trying to play his 1st card and probably will the turn after i spent 12 mana on that spell. The same goes with the other one that costs 6 mana but destroys one of your creature (this one could work if im based on cheap creates to destroy, but nevertheless, to destroy a creature is quite a hit). There shoul be changes to this, make it cheap it, or discard cards that are up on my opponent playqueue, or let me chose, or discard a card with 5 or less mana remaining to be played or something more bohersome for the opponent.

    3) in this game, enchantments are more important and dominant than in paper MTG and Black has always been a color that cant deal with enchantments... this is still true but i feel SOOOOO hopeless when an opponent plays some supports or reinforce them. I need to stop doing good plays to try to kill them. with black i lose games in which an opponent just play supports
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    talking about 3... playing black i just lost to the mythic blue support that places 4 1/1 each turn, that card alone beat me because i was not able to destroy it
  • Well yea thopter network even post angel's tomb nerf is the most efficient creature in the game after 3 turns.

    It even has the added benefit of never attacking until its an 8/8, making normal walling and first strike techniques not work. Not to mention there are no natural flying first strikers.

    Couple that with Jace's broken as all hell 1 ability, and there is no way to stop that.

    Jace could even go with sigil + sanctum, and then cast helm of gods and laugh and laugh.