please add a save state to protect against crashes

loroku Posts: 1,014 Chairperson of the Boards
Obviously getting crashes solved will help, but this game crashes so. very. much. Can you please add a save state that is constantly updated (maybe after each side gets its draw so you can't really abuse it) so that this game can recover gracefully from a crash? Even storing it locally (which opens you up to abuse, but still) would be great. Even something that only worked on story modes would be great. Anything would be great. But playing for 30 minutes and not making any progress because of random crashes is so incredibly demoralizing we really need SOMETHING that would help this game recover gracefully.

Even if you finally fixed all the crash bugs caused by your code alone, this would still be a useful feature for the future thanks to people's phones and memory problems and any other reason this game crashes.