FleshBUG marauder

Morphis Posts: 975
I do not know if it is really a bug looks like more a description inconsistency.

Anyways when it enters the battlefield instead of automatically choosing your first creature to sacrifice it lets you choose it.
If this is working as intended description should be changed.

Also as a side note this card should give the chance to sacrifice itself to be in line with paper equivalent.


    EDUSAN Posts: 197 Tile Toppler
    i never consider it a bug, and im pretty sure the card doesnt say that you sacrifice the 1st creature, you kill the opponent first creature but you decide which of yours will die.

    about killing itself, sometimes i play it as soon as possible if i dont have any other creature because its stats are ok (specially if it can come in early on with 5 attack), the weird thing that im not a fan of is when i have a marauder (and only a marauder) on the battlefield and i play another one, it stacks instead of trying to kill the 1st marauder. I WOULD LOVE to kill the 1st one and place another 5/3 in game than to have a 10/6 in game and leave a bothersome opponent creature alive
  • BlackSheep101
    BlackSheep101 Posts: 2,025 Chairperson of the Boards
    The card on MTGPQ.com says first creature for both. So yeah, either the card description is off or the behavior is.
    EDUSAN Posts: 197 Tile Toppler
    you are right, maybe the card text was changed recently? cause i dont remember it being written like that

    i hope text is wrong because the card is not that good to NOT let you chose what you distroy, it should have its mana costo greatly reduced or its stats greatly buffed considering that it will kill maybe your best creature