3* charaters with crit-powered specials?

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who are they? All i know of is 2* hawkeye, and my active roster is all about cmags, gsbw, and SW all with their tile-picking covers maxed. that's pretty much most of the 3s I have so hawkeye sorta works in the short term... except i have very little covers for him. where is the 3* upgrade equivalent for his speedshot? or is there one?


  • Professor X.

    Teen Jean.
  • Quebbster
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    Professor X.

    Teen Jean.
    Neither a threestar though. I don't think there are any threestars with critpowered abilities.
  • OzarkBoatswain
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    2* Bullseye has one. No 3*s have any.
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    old icon_quicksilver.png did, but no longer
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    Jam_Adams wrote:
    old icon_quicksilver.png did, but no longer

    I believe he is talking about powers triggered when a match 5+ is made, like PX, Teen Jean, Phoenix, 2* Hawkeye.

    Nothing in 3* land has a special passive for when a match 5+ is made.
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    Loki's Mischief power will trigger when your opponent makes a match-5, of course, along with match-4s.