"Speed" objective suggestions?

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Anyone have a good strategy for the speed objectives? Winning within 7 or 8 rounds is rather daunting when said objectives are against high hp opponents. Best way I've thought of is getting a really lucky cascade into an Iroas and some buffs. Anyone have some better or consistent strategies?


  • EDHdad
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    Some of them might not actually be doable. I'm not convinced they were really playtested all that much.

    I did some of the mid-level ones using Outland Colossus, as much ramp as possible and getting really lucky. But most of the higher level ones I stopped trying.

    Some people had a strategy of using Angel's Tomb and spamming thopters, but they "fixed" Angel's Tomb so it no longer acts the way it once did.

    I completed all the other objectives, though, prior to the update. If anyone is stuck on the "have x or less health" type ones, what I usually did there was to start the game at 5 or so health, and then try to run the table. If it worked, it worked. If the opponent killed me, then I'd be at 0 life, so I could wait 5 minutes or so, heal to 4 or 5 life, and then restart the game.
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    You might also get really lucky with an all-out burn strategy, and lots of cascading. Embermaw Hellion with two other creatures will do 14 damage per turn if unblocked. Embermaw Hellion plus Iroas' Champion will combine for 22 damage per turn. Add another 4 power creature and they'll combine for 29, without any supports or reinforcements. Plus Chandra herself can kick in 3 every few turns.

    Like I said, I haven't tried it myself, but I'd either go green rampy stompy, or red burn stompy.
  • I have actually beaten all of the speed objectives though the newest jace one. I only have the new gideons and lillianas to beat but i actually havent tried it yet. Ive been wotking through the objectives on the othet characters.

    I recently beat the two speed objectives from the original release with nissa. (Sentinel and meterorite) which seemed impossible. And probably was until the bug fix on starting turn 2. i just did them over and over until everything lined up. I quit if my hand sucked or the board didnt give a least 6 to start. Since i had to win fast i didnt bother starting with full life. Just kept quitting which started me with 9 life. Took about twenty tries each. Outland colossus, Jorga invocation, gilt-leaf daen were the work horses along with Nissa's second ability. When all went well I was doing nearly 40 damage a turn.

    Hope that helps.
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    Thanks for the tips. Got past displacement wave with Nissa but now I'm having trouble with Nantuko Husk. Condition is 7 rounds and I got him to 8 a few times XD. Guess I'll get there eventually.
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    After reading the past posts, I would have to agree that Nissa does quite well. I modified my deck to following and did it in six:

    Somberwald Alpha (5/3) Gives all blocked creatures you control +1/+1 and trample for the turn
    Outland Colossus (6/6) Big stick that goes crazy with trample especially if it gets renown
    Managorger Hydra (3/3) A little expensive, but with trample plus the boost spells, he'll get the damage through if not dealt with.
    Honored Hierarch (2/2) Not really needed but with Sword of Animist hitting Activate gems/nissa's first ability/Nissa's Pilgramage/Animist's Awakening, if you can keep him alive all your cards will hit the board quick.

    Animist Awakening, Great mana ramp for getting the tempo rush
    Jorga Invocation, A little expensive but great with trample, keeping your creatures alive especially if you have a board full of creatures. (works good with Managorger Hydra)
    Titanic Growth, Another great pump to push through quick damage. (works good with Managorger Hydra)

    Nissa's Pilgramage, Cheap and good for mana ramp.
    Sword of Animist, Boost a creature and possible cascades for mana ramp.
    Alhammaerret's Archive, Not really needed, but if you go through the cards quick its very handy.

    If you have the cards, I found this to be a very effective agro deck. Hope this helps.
  • It's taken quite awhile but I have beaten all the Speed objectives except one. The newest gideon one. The others are a cake walk compared to this one. He starts with a life link creature and three supports (one gives him unblockable, one gives him life when he takes damage and one that doubles the life he gets). Gotta beat him in 7 rounds. Best I've done is 8. Anyone have a strategy for this one?

    On a side note I'm down to just 4 objectives left. Three of lillianas and the one gideon speed objective. I hope we get more of these soon.
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    The only reason I can see tokens coming out one at a time was Angel's Tomb. Since it's been changed to no longer affect tokens, all tokens should come out at once. Killing a Hangarback Walker becomes a boring 15 second cut scene.
  • I have completed all the Speed objectives so it is possible, including the newest ones. I truly thought some of them were unwinnable. I tried almost every planeswalker but I kept coming back to nissa. Mine is maxed so the second power gives a +5/+5 boost. Combined with the joraga invocation spell that adds +6/+6, the mana ramp available and the beefy creatures I'm not sure any other planeswalker can beat them. Unfortunately, it mostly came down to luck. If one thing slows you down, gotta start all over again and again and again.
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    Been a while since I gave these a try. Still need to do sentinel, meteorite, gideon. Got gideon down to 8 turns with 14 hp left too. I used a red deck which needs a decent starting hand (would really help if i had a firecraft).

    Basically I need to cast a burn on the war oracle turn 1, then some demolishes or smash to smithereens to take out the supports. Running both is an option.