Evolutionary Leap

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Is Evolutionary Leap really supposed to work the way it does? All of the 'reinforcements' vanish when it pops. Additionally, unlike other temporary stat boosts, the creature takes damage itself first and it's temporary stat boost second. If I cast Titanic Growth on a 4/4, and it takes 4 damage, when the Growth wears off I still have a 4/4. If I reinforce a 4/4 with Evolutionary Leap, it takes 4 damage, and then the EL pops, the creature dies.

This doesn't seem like a very good return for a support that costs 21 to cast and has to be triggered through an activated gem.


  • BlackSheep101
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    That's... bizarre, and completely counter to how I'd expect the card to work. I understand that a flat bonus provided by a support will go away when it's destroyed, but Leap is mechanically very different. If they're managing the creature bonus as a separately tracked support bonus rather than triggering an actual reinforcement, then I have to question the design of the card.

    Has anyone tried using Evolutionary Leap with a creature that has an ability triggered by reinforcement?
  • Morphis
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    Uhmmmm that is really strange, last time I tested Evo leap it did work well I.e reinforce the creature just like when you cast from hand.
    Maybe the change to buffs bugged it....

    Anyways I can give it a shot later and try to test it

    By the way by "the el pops" you mean the el support on field is destroyed, right?
  • Abenjes
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    I tried really hard to make this card work, it has such an amazing ability but I just ended up shifting it down the pile as its way too expensive and eventually canned it entirely, I got it to work about one in ten games, I seem to remember it triggered effects like add 3 green or destroy a support