An idea for the quick battle ribbon system

After the reset bug forced us to play only with 1 PW, I'd like to see a system where players benefit from playing with more then one PW.

So I had following idea:

Instead of choosing with which PW you want to play next, you would be able to choose a team of PWs for quick battle with 1 to 3 PWs in it.
Every time you start a quick battle, the game would randomly choose one of the PWs of your team with whom you then have to play.

Depending on the size of your team you would get more or less ribbons for a win.
Team size of 1 = 2 ribbons
Team size of 2 = 3 ribbons
Team size of 3 = 4 ribbons

Additionally I have some Ideas to spice it up a bit:
- you get less ribbons if your last match wasnt a win
- the PW that you play with doesn't change until you win a match or change your team of PWs, but everytime you play with a new team, the first win will get you less ribbons

I'm sure not everyone would like it that way, it's just something I would enjoy.


  • The_Leftist
    A neat idea that would require the crash bug to be fixed.

    Perhaps make battles worth 2 points, and allow up 5 walkers on the team, 1 extra point per walker beyond the first for wins. Also, give the opponent 2 points for defensive wins. A way to promote leveling would also be to make players have to draw opponents within 20 ranks of them (higher or lower) instead of players who are the same level. This way, if someone has all 5 walkers highly leveled, they have a larger ribbon flow than someone who has all low level walkers who just sit and snipe newer players over and over all day. The low level players would start seeing higher level walkers as they progressed through the ranks, and would eventually want to level their walkers after having to face level 50 Gideons and Jaces with their level 8 Chandra.

    And to assist newer players, create an MMA based off of your last 5 event rankings. Higher ranked players get bracketed with higher ranked players, lower with lower, mid with mid, etc. That way if you were getting your butt kicked, you would eventually make your way into an easier bracket, and if you were always dominating, you would be forced to start playing better and better players