Allow players to play their planeswalkers at lower levels

shteev Posts: 2,031 Chairperson of the Boards
One feature I'd like to see included in the game would be the ability to play your planeswalker at levels lower than the one that they have reached. This would allow added variety to Quickbattle games; the chance to try out higher level skills which you're skeptical of without losing the opportunity to use your chosen lower level skill set forever; and the ability to make the Story Mode challenges more difficult should you desire. Some of us don't want the game to get easier and easier as we progress, after all, we've gained new skills, we want harder challenges to apply them to!

You might think that this would allow experienced players with fully pimped up decks to compete in QuickBattle at low levels for easy wins; but this seems already to be happening a lot at the moment. Sometimes it feels like you're being penalised for having progressed your planeswalkers.


  • Morphis
    Morphis Posts: 975
    In my opinion it would be better(and probably easier to do for developers) to redesign/rebalance skills so there would be no reason to not upgrade the pwalkers.... I think keeping the skills more similar in each level with no additional(or very marginal increase) loyalty cost could be a solution.
    I think better mana/hp total/hp increase alone Would still be a good reason to lvl up.