Strange bonus stat iterations...

Morphis Posts: 975
I noticed some bugs related to stay bonuses...
Beside the malakir/dwynen guilt already posted there are some other weird stuff happening

First of it all sigil of valor: when the bonus stat changes being reduced(cause u cast one more creature) if the one bonus is reapplied to same creature that creature GAINS +1/+1(instead of losing stat caus the bonus decreases)
Not sure if it happens always, it does for sure if the creature is damaged.

Also I found out some specific strange behavior on embermaw hell...
I had a dwynen guilt out that powered itself so stats 7/8
On her turn Chandra cast javelin dealing 3 damage to it so now my elf is 7/5... Still strong enough to kill ember
Ember attacks and kills elf but takes only 5 damage.
In this case I can see somehow where the bug could be... As soon as elf died he lost the bonus and after did the damage back....

Maybe more I have the feeling happened but was unable to be sure of... I think all this stuff(maybe even the malakir bug) is dependent on the change made in stat buffs that now prevents creature death cause of loss in stats(and to be honest it should apply only for temporary buffs, not buffs related to supports to be somehow similar in mechanic to magic card game)


  • I had a similar scenario with embermaw hellion, I had a 4/4 that was buffed to 6/6 with brawlers plate. When the hellion attacked it did the 3 damage which my created absorbed and then killed my creature but it only took 4 damage in return. As you said it seems like my defending creature lost its support stats before it dealt damage.