Claustrophobia: a thought

mlktws Posts: 26
So Claustrophobia/[Claustrophobia's white equivalent, the name of which I cannot currently recall]. While I understand they may have been a bit OP, I feel like y'all were a little overzealous in the nerfing. Either upping the cost or reducing the shield would have been good ideas if implemented separately, but having them cost 9 AND have a shield value of 1 is overdoing it, I think. Nine mana seems a bit much for something that can be immediately wiped with such frequency.

I think a better fix would be to have Claustrophobia remain at 6 mana, with a shield of one, which plays into blue's theme of quick board control and flimsy permanents, and have the white equivalent at 9 mana with a shield of two, which plays into white's theme of solid defense.

But maybe y'all thought of that already, and I'm not a game designer, so . . . those are just my two cents.


  • I think this is actually a great idea.
  • Agreed.

    Also, Suppression Bonds ( manawhite.png Claustrophobia) is still 6 mana, though its shielding was reduced to 1, but it's also a rare. I've played with it and against it; I don't feel overwhelmed when it's used against me and it's cheap enough that I don't mind choosing to reinforce it with a second casting if needed.

    Note: you may want to rename this thread to catch the eye of the devs, they are a good way.
  • Agreed as well.