Evolving Wilds is not working

AvatarTou Posts: 6
One turn after you cast Evolving wilds, it just destroys itself and doesn't give you mana. It does say Activate 1 1-turn but it destroys itself before you can even activate it.


  • Hi,

    works fine for me. You don't have to match it to get the mana. About a second after the explosion that you mentioned you get the 5 mana. You can read it in the center of the screen in white letters then.
  • Is the first card in your hand near or at full mana by the time it breaks? Evolving Wilds only adds to the first card and doesn't overflow to the next.
  • Thanks for the replies. Somehow it seems to be working again. Just weird that for a couple of my quick battles it was just doing nothing.