Multiple bugs

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I have been playing this game for a whileban found multiple bugs even after the 1.3 update.

- Game crashes after a long battle or multiple battles. I use a low end phone galaxy 3. The bug seems memory related probably as it looks as if its not probably being freed. You guys need to really use better the garbage collector.

-Sometimes text and life points will be scrambled or dissapear from the screen.

- Game reboots or crashes if the phone receives a phone call. Every time. Its really anoying.

- Days undoing is a mess after the 1.3 update. The new cards wont show up and neither the mana gained. You are playing blind till your next turn when you draw a card.

- Gems poditions get rearrenge sometimes after large combos but havent checked if those combos involve the destruction of support.

- Cards that involve looking at the library slow down the game a lot and sometimes the touchscreen goes unresponsive for a minute.

The game its at its core really great but the quality of the game takes a big blow with these bugs. Im sure most of us are holding out our money tillnyou fix these problems


  • BlackSheep101
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    venomAA wrote:
    I use a low end phone
    I think I found the problem...
  • venomAA wrote:
    I use a low end phone
    I think I found the problem...
    Only one of those issues is likely to have come from the low end phone, that being the crashes, but even high end phones (for example, iPhone 6s) are having the problem. The rest are bugs in the software.
  • venomAA
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    Sorry guys but im also a programer. If you release software in low tech it should not crash. Slowdown yes, loose some smoth option, yes. But crashing cause of memory is sloppy coding. Thats why you test also with minimum hardware requirements.
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    I'm using an LG G2, and this game crashes for me, too. That was LG's flagship phone only last June, so I find it hard to believe this is related to weak hardware. It definitely seems to happen towards the end of long games, which makes it all the more annoying. I may have just wasted 20 minutes. When I restart the game, I've taken a loss, and I've only 8 hp, instead of the full hp I had before the crash. This only started happening after the 1.3 update for me.