Well done dev team

Been playing since the update...and wow. icon_e_biggrin.gif Exceptional update guys...thank you. The game is smoother and looks a whole lot better. I actually gave you a round of applause after playing a couple of games, I think you did rather well all round.
Have read the MOG (moaning old git) section, and ye they probly got a couple of valid points there, but considering what the game was like previously, they are minor to what you've achieved I think.
Thank you for the reimbursement of fat pack and tokens.
Good to see white generating some mana as well. That's a direction to go in I think.
Never been so high on a leaderboard before either! icon_eek.gif
Minor thing, and it's directed at the forum; nerfing...what is it? Where I come from, Carry On films of the 70's, nerf is a laugh that you make, at the back of your nasal passages, when an innuendo is being made. Like..on being given an injection the doctor says, "you'll only feel a little prick", or, in the grocers when you say, "that's a fine display of melons you got there" nerf nerf lmao....sorry
Well done, am impressed, good game going here, keep up the good works


  • Nerfing is a term used by the paper MTG crowd that means making a card weaker. It's also used by video game people around the world. It originated in Ultima Online and refers to the Nerf brand of toy guns that are soft and unlikely to cause injury.
    By the way, my update was not good I lost everything.
  • Nerf = to weaking something. Generally as a response to the belief that an effect is overpowered. This release did a lot of it, some was needed, but some went way overboard. Much of the basic blue player stratagy is now useless for example. Bounce cards only work if your opponent does not have a full hand, a fairly rare event, and that is blues only creature removal option. This basically leaves blue with mana control, but a lot of that has been weakened as well for example.
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    Bounce works fine, because you also have discard. So you can hold a fully charged bounce spell in your hand, and chuck the ones that are preventing you from drawing additional cards. Your opponent will have 5 cards max in their hand after they cast a threat. So if they cast some fatty you don't want to deal with, you can bounce it just fine.

    What bounce doesn't do is destroy creatures. But it's weird that it ever did. Disperse in paper Magic is "Return target nonland permanent to its owner's hand" for 2 mana. In Magic Puzzle Quest, it shouldn't be "destroy target creature" for 4.

    If it was to keep all of the flavor, you should be able to return enemy supports to their owner's hand as well, but oh well.
  • Sorry i disagree that bounce is working as is. For example between the stat nerf, and the bounce nerf harbinger of the tides is now a waste of space. Also in actual magic bounce can be used any time no matter how many cards an opponent has. If they do not olay out the cards by the end of their next turn then they have to discard down. However, bounce is usueless if your opponent gets an early edge, as then they can just sit on extra cards, and you now have zero creature removal. Along with this, considering that blue uses mana denial a lot, it is fairly commin for the opponent not ti play a lot, or if you have a bad draw, you no longer can respond. I get it was to good before, but now it is useless, what needs to be done is a force discard mechanic like actual magic added. Then you can bounce cards back, but the opponent chooses what to discard
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    Zero creature removal except the ability to turn creatures into frogs.

    Honestly, to use bounce effectively, you're going to have to sit back with those cards ready for a threat to land. Sounds very Blue to me.
  • Thanx for the info on nerfing...I started this so people would post similar things...how did it turn into a bounce mechanix thread?!? icon_e_wink.gif
  • And i don't have the one card that turns creatures to frogs. ..bounch is a much more commin removal. Which yes i have to set back and wait for something to be bounce capable, if the opponent did not play it before i drew a bounce, which is not a guarantee. I have ran into more than one that once they field a decent group if creatures, just move around cards to never play them again while smashing away with no recourse.

    And it turned into this as an example of a nerf
  • Have they actually fixed something in the update?
  • Well done dev team...
    You deleted the data of everyone that plays your mobile app. You lost half of your audience. I made an account just to post this. You have wasted our time, and I will never play any of your games again.