Deckbuilding interface unsorted (v1.3)

alextfish Posts: 192
First off: awesome job with the 1.3 update! As well as the exciting Quick Battle rewards system and the new Encounters, I've spotted a bunch of user interface improvements (Supports indicate which player owns them at all times!) and fixed bugs. Really great job, guys! icon_e_biggrin.gif

However I've noticed one curious regression. The Deckbuilding view used to default to show all cards sorted by mana cost from high to low. As good a default sort order as any other. But now it seems to start off with the cards in a completely random order whenever I go to edit a deck. It's like it thinks it's sorted by mana cost, but it isn't. I can tap on the sort button to sort alphabetically and then sort by mana cost, but that's four taps at the start of every deck edit I'd rather I didn't have to make.