Malakir Cullblade not stacking

The unit only gains 1 stack of +1/+1 when a creature is destroyed. Is this WAI because it previously stacked.


  • BlackSheep101
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    Are you saying it only gains +1/+1 one time and after that the ability doesn't trigger?
  • Morphis
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    I has malakir out and killer all three opponent creatures, it only became a 4/4...
    That is definitely a bug cause the description does not state until end of turn... And even if that was the case next turn it should return to 3/3 but it does not....
  • Are you saying it only gains +1/+1 one time and after that the ability doesn't trigger?

    That is correct. I managed to take out three opponent creatures with graveyard mist. 2 activations. And he went up once. Even thought the card showed it activated three times. Ended up with him being a 4/2 instead of a 6/4 like I was expecting.
  • I've had the same problem. After the first time the ability seems to trigger, as there's an animation, but after the first 1/1, it never adds another one. Have had it happen many times since the 1.3 update (not sure about before). Doesn't matter if it's same turn or not. Once it gets a +1/+1 it doesn't work after that.
  • I've noticed it too.

    Malakir states that he gets a 1/1 per opponents creature killed thought if you happen to destroy 2 or more per turn only one trigger goes on stack, though should you happen to destroy another creature on another turn or a different trigger such as 2 separate "Reave the Soul"s it'll place another counter. Its just unable to register multiple effects per trigger.
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    It does not work, even if you kill creatures in different turns, he gets +1 only once and thats it.

    sucks because malakir is like THE ONLY good black low cost minion.
  • Sorry man, you're right.
    I went back to test it and you're right it only gives him a single 1/1 and that's it. It still shows the animation that it goes off but never add aditional ones.
    Sad really. I had such high hopes for him.
  • Prior to the update, this card worked as everyone on the board wants it to: every additional creature killed added a new +1/+1 (and it was one of my fave black creatures for that reason!) I think this applied even if you killed two creatures in a single turn, but I'm not 100% sure. Since the update, it's not working like that anymore. Did anyone notice if the language of the card changed since the update? It now says "When ONE of your opponents creatures is destroyed..." but I thought it used to be more open, like "Whenever one of your opponents creatures is destroyed..." but I could be wrong about that last part...
  • I wonder if this is why the Dwynen, Gilt-Leaf Daen only buffs once. E.g. she may buff two creatures in one turn and future activations don't do anything but when you deploy a third creature and activate it does the animation but only buffs the creature that hasn't received the buff yet.
  • N1c2k3
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    I noticed this also.

    If the ability works like people are suggesting, the language should read "When a creature dies THIS TURN, Malakir Cullblade gains +1/+1".

    Devs: Is this the case?
  • Jaedenkaal
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    I have also experienced an issue with this card (in the previous patch) where it loses the +1/+1 counter when it shifts position.