translation guide for Marvel PQ players

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Updated for 1.31.

Story = Prologue
Filled with free currency, although sadly not much premium currency any more. It's also the only PvE content right now. Presumably PvE events are coming "soon." (Also "story" is a misnomer - there's absolutely no story whatsoever.)

Quick Battle = PvP
There are no progression rewards, just ranking. Most importantly, though: there are no defensive losses, which means there is no shielding. Matches each week end at the same time every week (6pm PST Mon / Wed / Fri) for everyone who plays; there's no choosing end times and they never vary.

Ribbons = Points
Quick Battles award ribbons based on your Planeswalker level: 1-19 = 1, 20-29 = 2, 30-39 = 3, 40-49 = 4, 50=5.

Planeswalkers = Characters
Except you get all 5 of them at the very beginning for a tiny amount of premium currency (don't know why they didn't just give them to you and give you less currency, but just buy them).

Runes = ISO
This is the main reward currency that you use to level your characters. Unfortunately it does nothing else at the moment and you get gobs of it from quick battles so it's currently not worth much. You can only buy a tiny amount for real money and it's not worth what you pay at all. (Pro-tip: you may not want to max out your characters right away. Quick Battles are level-dependent and higher-level players tend to have better cards. Also some character powers get subjectively worse at higher levels.)

Crystals = Hero Points
Only slightly confusing because they used the ISO icon and just colored it orange, this is the premium currency. Right now it's just for getting the other 4 characters and then buying packs (Big Boxes are the best value). Technically you can also waste it on refilling potions but you should never do this.

Potions = Health Packs
Unlike MPQ, you can't get more than the maximum of 3, which regen one per 30 mins (I think they regen on the half hour, as opposed to when you used them last). Healing happens a little different, too: every 5 minutes you get some health, instead of a constant gain.

Life Link = True healing
There is no MPQ "healing" in this game, only true healing. Life Link is an ability on some creatures that heals you when they attack. See link below.

Mana = AP
Instead of having different colors of AP you get more or less mana depending on the color you match - this is part of your Planeswalker stats. All mana goes into the same pool, which is constantly charging your cards (if you overfill one the remaining mana goes to the next card). Also 4-matches and 5-matches don't gain extra AP for destroying rows like they do in MPQ - you only get what you match (although the board shake can be nice). There are also no crit tiles, and team-up tiles are now manapw.png and they power your abilities. (Pro-tip: it's sometimes more advantageous to match two 3-matches instead of one 4-match in this game, depending on how much total mana you'll get. You still get an extra turn for each match 5, though, so they are always worth it.)

Packs = Tokens
Ok I think everyone knows how Magic packs work by now. Worth noting: there is no minimum rarity. "Better" packs give you better odds and more chances, but nothing is guaranteed.

Links: - 100% invaluable website. The glossary explains what the icons mean on cards, and it has a complete searchable card database which is much better than the official game one.

Other stuff on this Tips and Guides forum is great - check it out. Not all of it is stickied, though.