Patch Notes v1.3 (02/02/16)

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The Magic: The Gathering - Puzzle Quest 1.3 Update is here!

What’s New:
    -NEW Quick Battle with Ranking Rewards. -25 NEW Heroic Encounters. -NEW Daily Rewards. -20+ Cards rebalanced. -Gideon rebalanced. -Multiple bug fixes. -Asian language support; Japanese & Korean. -Performance & user experience improvements (based on player suggestions). -Player's Hand interaction improvements. -New end-game Challenges in Story Mode: 25 new (Hard) encounters in Origins. -New Reward system in Quick Battle based on Leaderboard placement (Top 10, 25 & 100 rewarded); Rewards Screen now available from the Leaderboards. -Quick Battle user experience and UI Improvements; Start/End dates for Leaderboard & Rewards better communicated. Quick Battle now offers a chance at cards from specific colors, free card packs & currency. -Daily Reward improvements: Monthly mechanic communicated more clearly. -New Splash Screen. -Android Back button fully integrated. -And more!

Click here for DETAILED 1.3 UPDATE NOTES.
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