AI heals its team at inopportune moments

I've been playing this game for a while, and there was something I noticed regarding the heals performed by the AI.

It seems that the AI consider all skills as the same, and will try to cast them as soon as they obtain the necessary AP for it. This might be beneficial for some characters e.g. Ragnarok, who can chain his two skills, with one of them generating AP for the other. Or Modern Storm, for the same reason. However, if it comes to heals e.g. Spiderman or Wolverine X, the tendency is to heal regardless of whether the team is hurt. I noticed this in PvP matches against other players, when heals are cast even when the team/individual is at full health.

The simple solution is to implement a logic that only allows heals when the character(s) is down on his/her health. For instance:
Spiderman: Any time 1 or more team members are at 70%/80% health or less, allow Web Bandages
Wolverine X: Allow Recovery to be cast when Wolverine loses 50% or more of his health.

This will improve the functionality of the healing ability. It's not a crucial fix at the moment, but would be something that is intuitive to have since the AI can never function at the level of a human when considering combat scenarios.