Update on Missing Daily Rewards (2/1/16)

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Hi Everyone –

As we mentioned on Friday, v1.3 Update goes live tomorrow and unfortunately given the delay in the update, we came across the same issue as we did in December with players reporting missing Daily Rewards. What we are able to do is once the update goes live on February 2nd, all players will automatically receive a Fat Pack and as a special bonus, we will also provide 5000 Mana Runes for the December issue. For the January issue, we will need a little bit of extra time to test the tech and hopefully prevent this from happening again in the future. Please stay tuned as we will have an update by next week on when missing compensation will be provided.

Please note, any bug in the Daily Reward system seen before Feb 2nd is planned to be addressed in the v1.3 update. We apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused. Thank you for playing Magic: The Gathering – Puzzle Quest.
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