UI Problems and Improvements

Dear devs, I absolutely adore this game, but the app UI is really poorly constructed. Here is a list of problems, that I as a Android user has experienced, with the app UI and ways to improve on each issue:
    Laggy - I experience UI lag even on OnePlus2...
      Back Button - Bring you back to Home Screen every time, very frustrating.
        Home - Add a swipe function to Open and Close the Menu.
          Home - The Back Button should be able to Cose the Menu as well
            Play and Vault - Add a swipe function to switch through the Tabs.
              Planeswalker - A LOT OF LAG HERE
                Deck Editing - Why does Removing a card bring you back to the first card page?
                  Deck Editing - Please add a option for smaller images, for displaying more cards per page.
                    Deck Editing - Display Cards-in-Deck Numbers else where so the Filter Options doesn't cover it up
                      In Game - Cumbersome way to activate Planeswalker Abilities, add small icons which shortcuts each ability
                        In Game - For the LOVE OF GOD make your hand visible in one screen without having to scroll!

                        I know the game is quite new, so there's still a lot of room for development. One side note, please don't let D3 destroy this Title like they did with Marvel.