Faerie Miscreant...appropriately named

Does anyone have a good strategy for the Faerie Miscreant challenges? The "Win the fight with 5 or less HP remaining" is impossible, especially since I start the match with about 30 more HP than I actually have (over 100 HP when Gideon only has 76) but the "Lose 10 or more creatures during a single fight" (which is, of course, actually KILL 10 or more creatures) is probably the only non-speed round and non-somehow win with only 1 HP left challenge that I can't even come close to.

The problem is Thropter Spy Network, which summons 4 1/1 Thropters each turn AND is a 3 hit support. Couple that with Brawler's Plate and you have, at minimum, a 6/6 creature with Berserker to deal with at the start of each turn. If you add to that Jace's Sanctum you start each round with a 3 mana deficit on top of it. And then, if you don't kill it in the next turn, they really stick it in and break it off and play Helm of the Gods and turn that 6/6 into an 11/11 with Berserker AND First Strike.

So best case scenario each turn you must deal with a 3 mana deficit and somehow find a way to defeat a 6/6 creature with flying and berserker. If you don't you end up facing a 21/21 monster with "Destroys your will to live" within a couple turns.

I've tried everything I can think of...I've got a pretty decent inventory of cards and a few PW that are up to the high 30s though none are maxed out (I tried to stick with three PW and keep them fairly balanced for variety) and the closest I can come is 6 or 7 creatures killed before I'm annihilated by an ungodly murder beast after a single bad turn.

I'm all for the challenges being challenging, it's the final chapter levels after all, but this seems downright impossible to me. Has anyone actually accomplished this?


  • you have to do the kill 10 creatures one with Jace. That's how I did it. Do it this weekend because with the changes they are making next week it will be a lot more difficult. The life one I did with Chandra. It's easy because you can use burn spells in yourself as well. But I do have exquisite fire craft which is rare. Chandra can deal with supports very well.
  • EDHdadEDHdad Posts: 609 Critical Contributor
    The easiest way I found was to start at 5 life and then win the game without taking any damage.

    They are changing this with the next update, but you can enter the game with full life, then immediately exit, then when you reenter, your Planeswalker will be at like 5 life.

    You can also lose the game completely, be at 0 life, wait a few minutes until you've regenerated to 5 life and then play.

    The easiest Planeswalker to use in this type of challenge is Chandra, since she can deal damage to creatures and players. You can summon your own creatures, get your opponent to within 3 or so life, then kill your creatures. Then wait until your opponent has you down to 3 or so life, then finish off your opponent.

    You could also sandbag the game until your opponent has you down to 5 life, then kill all their creatures with the direct damage spells you've been saving, then cast all of your fatties you've been saving.
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