What's the cheapest price?

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Since I have noticed through observation that some have referenced older comics in my timeframe of life I just have to ask. What's the smallest amount you have paid? Comic Book. New. Off the stand. Or wherever new.
I can honestly say that I remember 15 cents.
Stop laughing! It's okay. I cannot either. icon_lol.gif
I can also remember being a toddler watching Spaceghost original. FF4. Yup all the sixties cartoon's. In a way I am thankful my parents sucked. H.R. Puffinstuff does not count in this post, but man that was a messed up show. icon_eek.gif


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    I used to pay 10p for The Beano as a kid.
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    Back in '75 when i bought my first ones on my own, they were $0.25 USD, but at a little place in Pinellas Park called Wolf's Newstand, anything from the prior month or older was 3 for a quarter, (and later in life, i found out if you sneaked past the curtain area when he wasn't looking, he had playboys and such!) lol.

    He also has a big box of back issues, ones that never sold, for a nickel each. I bought lots of those as well.