Patch Notes - R93 (02/01/16)

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R93 Patch Notes

Are you ready to rock?!

What’s Hot
    - Versus action with Nova & Scarlet Witch! - Venom PVE combat!

What’s Better
    - You are now able to claim multiple event rewards at once. - Heroes who have an Area of Effect stun component will no longer stun a hero that is downed as the result of the AoE. - Alliance screen, Details tab: the "Played today" text no longer overlaps the "Pending" text. - The right-most Post-Event Vault no longer fails to indicate when the player has tokens available in other vaults. - Teisatsu now properly activates "Turn to Smoke" when downed by an Attack tile. - Fixed a bug where Vision's "Density: Heavy" power was increasing the damage of Team-Up Powers when in the center position. - Miles Morales no longer uses the “
Surprise” power if the opponent is invisible.
- Enemy heroes now use Single-Target powers with AoE components when the last member of the Player’s team is invisible.
- Stunning a hero no longer sends them to the back of the team.
- PVP events: multiple opponents are no longer skipped when pressing the "Skip" button quickly.
- Fixed PC bug: The timer until a hero is automatically healed is no longer displayed after healing the hero.
- Additional fixes to the “Looking for resources” and “Device is not compatible with this version” issues.
- Ability updates for Quicksilver.
- Fixed a bug where character buffs were being incorrectly calculated. All buffs (Weekly, Event and New Hero) should be working as intended now.
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