Leaderboard Scoring

I don't normally play PvP in anything, but I've just started in MtG:PQ.

I was wondering if having a weighted scoring system has been considered for PvP, where the value of a win counts for more depending on how out-matched one might be.


  • Hibernum_JC
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    The rewards currently work like that. If you get matched with an opponent who is stronger than you, you will get more Runes if you win.
  • True, but runes don't dictate placement in the Leaderboard, which is what I intended to communicate. Looking back I see that that wasn't clear. Therefore, what I meant was to have the weight of one's level deficit dictate the points that determine Leaderboard placement.
  • The game already incentivizes staying at a low level - if you had the level difference also affect the number of pvp points you get a level 5 player would be better off than a level 50 player, to the point where the level 50 player who invested so much into their planeswalker will never be able to catch up.

    That would be really bad, even more so than it currently is.
  • Then I might suggest increases rewards based upon level.

    Additionally, given the way leaderboards work, I think PW level should somehow determine what other players you're grouped with for your leaderboard assignment.

    Perhaps my suggests are completely misinformed because I have no idea which PW decks, if not all, of a player are dumped into the ladder for AI control.

    My concern is that a L8 Gideon who won the mythic lottery continues to dominate without incentive to level. So I guess that's the gist of it, create incentive to level PWs without new players.
  • VladG0015
    Rather, it would be a better idea to be scored by your opponent's leaderboard placement and the ability for you to be able to chose your opponent, such as be able to challenge the top 10 to see how your deck holds against those who are higher in standing than you are. That would also allow you a faster/better way to catch up to your opponents that are ahead of you if you are up to the challenge.

    Personally I've invested a lot into my planeswalkers and every time I'm matched against people in quick battle I always end up with only +1 badge and +50 runes even if it was challenging or we were evenly matched. I think that getting rewarded based on how high of a LB standing of your opponent you beat would be better.
  • The best solution would be this:

    Level 50 characters get 2 ribbons and 100 runes for wins.

    I have 128 wins this event, and 251 points (currently). That is approx a 2:1 ratio for ribbons to wins.

    If you double the reward for a maxed character, you will achieve balance.