Single Player Improvements

Jaymar30 Posts: 25 Just Dropped In

Foremost, I want to commend the team on this game. I know there are lots of bugs and people are complaining that it is not as polished as it should have been, but for me it is a perfect fit for Magic the Gathering. I played Magic in my teens and have not gone back to it since. This game has definitely rekindled my interest in the game and its unique world and inhabitants.

One area that I would love to see grow would be the single player. It would be great if some story elements could be incorporated (i.e., Magic Duels, Official Magic Fiction) into the single player mode so that it feels like more of a cohesive experience rather than a series of encounters. The cards have such fantastic art with this immersive backstory; it would be great to be able to learn the story behind the art and the characters.

Having a full playable story behind the upcoming Battle for Zendikar update or future updates would be fantastic. It would put some context to the encounters and some unique objectives could even be added such as: fighting multiple opponents, fighting consecutive opponents on the same life counter, defending NPC characters, boss battles in the context of an story event, etc.

I would really love to see the single player campaign grow with unique gameplay mechanics and story aspects that you don't get in the PvP.