Please show all the cards in your hand on one screen!

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Please can there be an option to show all the cards in your hand on a single screen, rather than just showing 4 cards and having to scroll up and down it? Hand management becomes more and more important in the game as you fight harder PvP opponents. Especially in games playing Jace. Against Jace. With Talent of the Telepath. And Screeching Skaab. And Harbinger of the Tides. And Jace's Sanctum. and Sphinx's Tutelage. Well, you get the idea...


  • A list view would be perfect for this.
  • Barkenspyder
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    No kidding! Other card games do this just fine. Why can't MTG:PQ? It's obnoxious that we have scroll through our cards. This game really only needs about half as many screens as it has. When you're editing your deck, why do I need to tap "type" before I can limit my view to only creature cards? Why not just let me tap the creature icon that is already at the top of the screen to do this?