Prevent Damage <> Indestructible

When you use the term "Prevent Damage" this is to have creatures you control not take any damage from sources you or an opponent controls.

When you use the term "Destroy" this is to remove a creature from the game regardless of any damage it may have or may not have taken.

As it currently stands "Prevent Damage" is actually "Indestructible" if this is so then the term should be corrected. If not then cards that say "Destroy" should be able to destroy cards under the term "Prevent Damage"

Please note and rectify this error so our understanding of the cards is more accurate for what you are trying to make imply. When I see "Destroy all Token Creatures" after my opponent plays "Prevent Damage" I currently expect to see all token creatures leave the board. Instead I am seeing my opponent waste the token destroying spell on their tokens which have damage prevention but not "Indestructible"


  • Irgy
    Irgy Posts: 148 Tile Toppler
    Out of curiosity, what does "prevent damage" do against a bounce spell (return to hand) with a full hand? That's animated as destroying the creature even to the point of showing damage dealt, I wouldn't be surprised at all if it kept the creature alive there too.