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So to this point I've kept Loki and Falcon under leveled (121) to ensure they don't find themselves in front. Now I've got extra covers lying around and I'm tempted to champ them for rewards. Good idea or bad idea?


  • morph3usmorph3us Age Unconfirmed Posts: 859 Critical Contributor
    With regards to Loki, only do it if you really want the rewards and Venom covers. Loki's abilities don't scale with levelling, so the only thing you gain is a small amount of health, and that's at the expense of him starting to tank his colours.

    If you were thinking of levelling him to improve his health a bit, then do it. If you were only doing it for the championing rewards, you're going to end up substantially iso negative, once you take into account the cost of levelling him from 121 to 166, so in that case it's not worth it.
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    You should probably level Loki to 166 either way if you plan to use him in PVP, underleveld chars are just an easy target. Also, it's fairly easy to "hide" him behind other characters that matches his colors, ( purpletile.pnggreentile.pngblacktile.png ) are fairly common.

    Falcon is... not too great anymore, not really used in PVP, he's ok in PVE but there are better options, especially for tile boosting (Prof X)
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    Falcon is brilliant for the The Big Enchilada node, but that's all i use him (fully covered, 140) for. I would have to be swimming in ISO before I thought it was worth championing him.
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    The champion feature is to take advantage of characters you already have maxed, or were considering maxing.

    By not championing a 3*, you miss out on a couple covers and some HP/CP. It's not really a gamebreaker. If your roster is built to take advantage of Loki/Falcon underleveled, I'd continue to leave them as such.
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    Loki is worth leveling only because he needs the extra HP to survive. Few months back most high even PVP players had him maxed, however I am now seeing less and less of Loki as the meta passed him by. Like others above me said, maxing characters *just* for championing is not the purpose nor a good use of ISO.

    Bottom line, if you use Loki a lot then max him, if he is of limited use put that hard earned iso elsewhere.
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