Please improve mana accelerators

Oberoni Posts: 34
Based on the way mana is accumulated in this game, most cards meant to help you get more mana actually do the opposite.

When you pay eight mana for an enemy color dual land, that's eight mana you're not accumulating for any other card in your hand. Even if the dual land ends up paying for itself eventually (for example, maybe changing gems and giving you a free extra match before you make your move), that's a bit random and may take several turns to come to fruition.

Even worse, since these are *enemy* dual lands, they usually are changing gems to one color you love and one you hate. The only one that doesn't do this is a red deck using Battlefield Forge, and that's only because Red's color identity is currently incorrect.

Basically, it's almost always a better idea to just put that eight mana towards your main cards directly instead of hoping that an enemy dual land will pay off.

Meteor and Mage-Ring Network are much more direct in how bad they are. For the mana you pay into them, they eventually pay themselves off...after 8 and 7 turns respectively. That's a really, really long time just to break even. Again, I should have just used that mana (8 and freaking 14) towards the cards I actually want to play.

I currently think Nissa's Pilgrimage is great, because it's dirt cheap and only changes gems to a color that benefits you. While I don't think the other colors should get mana accel as good as green's, they shouldn't be so very far behind.

I did read one suggestion elsewhere on the forums where the enemy duals would be better if they gave one additional mana when you made a match of either color. I think that effect on top of what they currently do might be a good start. Basically, there are a variety of ways to make mana accel worth it, so please experiment and improve these.


  • The best way to use them right now for most is to use the one that gives both your ally colors, Jace would use the one that provides black and white for example. At mid level the difference between matching black white at +1 and green red at -1 is a big deal. These are pretty good at producing mana in longer games. They could definitely cost 6 though and be much better.