Lost a player

Just wanted to let the dev team know they lost a player that really started to get hooked before giving up and deleting the app. I know as a developer myself I would want to know what is driving hardcore fans that would spend money on IAP away from the game.

As I have seen in other areas of this forum, there are many cards that are overpowered but what really drove me away is the Displacement Wave encounter. I got Nissa to to around level 25-30 before I realized that most of the time if I won it was because of luck or starting out with a good hand. I was ok with that, at this point I started to read around and find that Nissa is not nearly as good as Jace and Chandra so I started to level those up. I had MUCH better cards for those PWs and it made early encounters a cakewalk.

Then I find that replaying an encounter only nets me 50 crystals as well as playing online. Thus I will never get these planeswalkers leveled up without a HUGE grind. I don't think even with the best of luck that I will ever be able to beat the Displacement Wave encounter with Nissa so at this point I have deleted the app. Overpowered PWs, overpowered cards, bad encounter difficulty curve and terrible replayability makes what could have been a killer game a no-go for me.


  • You don't need to max the planeswalkers, if that is your goal.

    PvP rewards you based on how many levels higher than you they are.

    I agree there isn't much to do except grind.
  • Just beat all the heroic encounters with a lvl 10 Gideon.
  • When I was running Heroics, all my PWs were L20. Bounced between Jace and Gideon to complete with all objectives.

    As for the grind, yeah, it sucks, but leveling one PW to 50 is part of the problem. I just started Chapter 3 Part 2 and have no PWs over L27 and have all objectives thus far.
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    I honestly expect they're losing more players through there being absolutely no challenge to the game. I'd love there to be an encounter that was totally overpowered and way too difficult, it would give me something to do.

    This is coming from someone with 0 mythics and no max planeswalkers. On the other hand, I do play blue...
  • Chapter 3 Part 2 objectives started becoming tough with lots of mythics showing up. I play a very solid L20 Jace bounce deck but switch PWs around depending on the objective; Faerie Miscreant had me stumped for a while before I beat all objectives.
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    Just to let you guys know, we have an update coming soon that should address many of these concerns.
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    The game has barely been out and you're sad you cant max more than one character quickly? Ooookay.
    It is a free to play game also and requires some people to spend dollar bills otherwise it will shutdown.