Want to capture the paper MtG crowd?

Make a local head to head mode where people can play against each other with bluetooth, S beam, NFC, etc.

Magic has always been a social game. Players that go to Friday night magic or weekend tournaments often sit around with idle time chatting between matches, why not let them challenge each other to a quick low stress game of mtgpq!

This will easily spread the game around to people who like magic but have not heard about this app yet.


  • That's a cool idea. I always though it would be cool to play it one on one as opposed to just playing AI.
    Are there any PuzzleQuest games that allow this function?

    If they wanted more of the paper crowd they could always supply real promo cards that you can only get from playing MtgPQ
    (similar to the IDW comic books etc)
  • Totally agree with this one, playing an AI is only fun if it uses the cards in the same way a real gamer would...hope the developers take this on board...altho I think it would require some sort of timer element...and ye make the cards exclusive to the game...cool can't wait