Default Characters

Hi devs,

I just wanted to say a few words about the default characters that you get if you have to use a certain hero. I think the idea in developing was something like that: ' the players should use a variety of different strategies to beat the missions so we give the rule of having a certain hero in the mission. But if someone doesn't have the hero we give him a weak version so that he can at least try it' (and I really like this line of thought)

The reality at the moment is somehow different: 'Oh here I get a default character, then my strategy is using classic storm and someone who hasn't got the colours of the default character'

So the goal of the idea was not accomplished and the opposite is happening at the moment. I don't think that nerfing storm is the right idea (although this could also be considered elsewhere )here because I think this problem will occur in the future as well. You can abuse the instant healing of the default character already for modern Hawkeyes passive because the default character is always at the front.

So here are two suggestions for this:
1. Give the default characters a short time to heal (like 5 minutes or so) , that would solve the problem for all repeatables.

2. Disable the default character for everyone who actually had the hero and force them to use that one.

I hope these thoughts help improving a already great game icon_e_smile.gif


  • The core of the problem really is Classic Storm; it's evident in every single aspect of this game from PvP to PvE. It's an exploit, to say the least.

    She doesn't need a nerf per se, but rather the exact mechanism of her passive trigger needs to be tweaked so it doesn't activate more than 1 time per turn, and it doesn't get exploited with low health characters. The damage can stay the same.