XFW and Falcon

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I have my XFW maxed out and 3* Falcon leveled to 125. I kept Falcon at this level so not to pass XFW on yellow tile strength. I played yesterday and noticed Falcon's yellow tile is quite a bit stronger now, not sure when this happened, but it sucks to have built to a certain level for a reason just to have MPQ change things whenever they want. I've got 641 days in this game and I've been through a lot of changes, for the love of Pete, can't they just leave some stuff alone.


  • fnedudefnedude Posts: 320 Mover and Shaker
    They did his yellow too.

    I use Pun+Falcon+OBW in the DPD 3* node every day.

    OBW's Pink used to be stronger than Falcon, not anymore (I haven't lvled him).

    Yup, they boosted Falcon some.
  • Smith13Smith13 Age Unconfirmed Posts: 24 Just Dropped In
    As well as Loki and Daken's purple tile. Daken leveled all the way up had more power in purple than Loki at 140. Not anymore. Why do they keep changing stuff!?
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    yeah, i noticed it too with my 166 Blade, 166 Daken, and 140 Falcon (my DDQ team).

    The cynic in me says that they do it to prevent soft-capping certain players (a la Winfinite). In their minds, it should be a sprint to 166/270 every time, and stopping on purpose before that point means you're cheating the spirit of the game (as well as not spending the money on HP or Iso that you might have otherwise)
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