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Option to invert Rewards gained

ojcAust Posts: 140
Hey all,

One quick suggestion that I feel would make things easier. Adding a button in the Rewards section that would reverse the order, showing your oldest rewards first.

I found a result of stockpiling when new features are about to roll out is often having more than 100 rewards sitting there. Having to scroll down to the end and figure out what to sell first was taking a lot of time. If a oldest first option could be added then we could just flip the rewards and sell/sort from the top down without scrolling icon_e_biggrin.gif

Hope we get a few likes and are able to bring this in.



  • Linkster79
    Linkster79 Posts: 1,037 Chairperson of the Boards
    Even just a "Sort By" option would be nice, that way we could sort by tier, alphabetical or time won/remaining.
  • DrNitroman
    DrNitroman Posts: 966 Critical Contributor
    "Reverse order", or "sort by" options, I support and upvote both ideas! icon_e_biggrin.gif

    Scrolling the whole list of reward each time you want to sell the last cover of the list is just tedious
  • ojcAust
    ojcAust Posts: 140
    Linkster79 - I see your point and sort by would be great for grouping 1 to 5* rewards. I was thinking it may be easier to code a reverse order we could get the feature sooner icon_e_smile.gif

    That said your suggestion is still a great add.
  • ErikPeter
    ErikPeter Posts: 718 Critical Contributor
    While they're at it, "Sell All" could sell all the 1- and 2-stars, THEN ask us "are you sure" about the others.
  • ojcAust
    ojcAust Posts: 140
    Agreed Erik. Time taken to do all this sorting and selling is eating into game play.