Champions: Crazy level OR tke it easy?

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Hi, My roster is below.

I have a question about the new Champions system and rewards:

Would you:

- Push as many of my 3* to max level, so I dont waste 3* extra covers and start getting rewards (either i push the best 3*, or the ones I have extra covers for)


- Worry about the scaling, take it easy, get the 2* rewards and only take the 3* to that easy lvl 120, and be not suicidal with the scaling, ignoring the 3* rewards?

I always want the new shiny things that appear...

Im at 1,2 milion ISO, btw, and my roster:


  • Punisher5784Punisher5784 Posts: 3,170 Chairperson of the Boards
    Don't be scared and just Level! I recently made the choice and don't regret it.
  • CNashCNash Posts: 938 Critical Contributor
    I'm going to stop putting ISO into non-maxed characters for the time being, because I'm not confident that I can take a 3* from level 40 to 166 in less than 14 days. My ISO will be going towards championing the 3*s I have maxed at present (16/40, or 120,000 ISO up-front), so that as few covers are wasted as possible. Then I'll resume putting levels into the non-maxed ones, one character at a time, treating the championing fee as the "final level".
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