Power Reallocation

I would love to see a way to reset/reallocate the distribution of the 13 power points, even if it came at a substantial cost (covers, perhaps?)

I've found that I made choices that I regret but have leveled up too far to start over.

Using covers as currency for reallocation would also give players incentives to keep earning/buying packs, as well as a use for all of the redundant covers upper-level players keep pulling.

Thanks for listening,


  • Everyone including their granduncles and long-lost cousins are calling for it.

    I hope the Devs have something planned pertaining to skill retraining.
  • If nothing else, given that there is a skill cap, this should be automatic when new skills are released for characters.
  • I'm agree. When new skills are released or THE SKILLS CHANGED THEIR NUMBERS, like other games (eg: WOW).