Champion rewards [By Character]



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    Looks like Iron Fist has switched from Blue-Black-Green to Black-Blue-Green. Is that a mistake or an intentional change?
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    @aesthetocyst is the image from a google sheet? If so, I'll be glad to help out with the updates
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    Well, I took the time to put this into a Google Sheet. I already had it mostly set up in Excel for my own tracking purposes, largely cribbed from the work of @aesthetocyst , and just had to do a little bit of format tweaking to make it work. It is not editable, but please add a comment if you see an issue and I will fix it. If you need to sort it differently, you can always copy/paste into the format of your choice. Enjoy!
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    edited March 2018
    @bigsmooth nice work. First comment would be to gray out the blanks so the rest stands out. Just like how aesthetocyst did it

    edit: Here's my version 
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    I really hope they realign some of the 3*->4* in the near future.  It really doesn't make sense anymore that there are 4*s with two feeders while others have none.  Some of them are extremely obvious, too.

    Gamora should feed Gamora.  Colossus and Beast should feed Nightcrawler and Jubilee.

    Daredevil and Ragnarok are the only ones that aren't painfully obvious, but you could probably get away with some vague connections.  Maybe Ragnarok feeds Valkyrie because he's a fake Thor and she was in the Ragnarok movie.  Daredevil could probably prompt some shuffling, as much as I hate that.  Maybe he takes Mr. Fantastic and Black Panther feeds his 4* variant, or you put him on a Spider-Man villain (Vulture or Sandman) or a Street-Level hero (Cloak & Dagger).  Personally, I'd love there to be a C&D feeder but I'm not sure how much sense that would make.