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How creatures are ordered on the battlefield

I didn't see a thread for this already so I figured I'd do my best to inform people about the wonkiness that is MtGPQ creature ordering, aka, "Who's on First?"

Priority in order from highest priority to lowest: The higher a creature's priority, the lower it will be appear on your screen in the creature list.
  1. Reach
  2. Defender
  3. Vigilance
  4. No abilities
  5. Berserker
  6. Order in which the creature came under your control. Meaning: Creatures that were cast earlier have higher priority than ones you cast later if they have the same abilities

Could I be wrong? Absolutely. I don't know if other abilities have an effect on creature order, things like, Haste, First Strike, Double Strike, Deathtouch, Hexproof. I'm fairly certain that flying has no effect on priority.

Please let me know if what I've listed here matches up (or doesn't) with your own experiences or if you have any insight on if other abilities have an effect on priority. Thanks!


  • It mostly works.

    And then weird things happen like...

    Current line up:

    Aven Battle Priest (with Vigilance)
    Knight of the White Orchid (Defender)

    Following line up:

    Patron of the Valiant
    Knight of the White Orchid (why?)
    Aven Battle Priest

    They swapped for no discernable reason (knight had more power, toughness, and is defender).
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