Achievements and Tournament Tier Display

Dninot Posts: 214
Hey guys!

I'm not an obsessive collector, although this game might be making me into one. That leaves me feeling like this game needs one more element to keep my attention just that much longer.

Firstly, Achievements. Put in some achievements that we can unlock and then gain some kind of prize for. There can be lower tier achievements (make a combo of 5) and higher tier achievements (cause 2000 damage with one strike) that unlock rewards (iso, HP, covers, etc) The more achievements I have to hunt, the more invested I can get.

Also, show our Overall Tournament Tiers. You have this internally to help matchmaking in PvP. Give it ranks and show it to us. Grinding out the weekly tournament is great, but if it means we can observe our long term progress up ranks, that would mean slightly more replayability I'd think. Playing just to max out my characters and be dominant is fun (yeah, haven't achieved that yet), but anything that adds more investment and end-game replayability can't hurt.


  • I just wanted to say I agree with both ideas and like them a lot, I'm a achievement Hunter myself and ice said that we should respond to topics that we like so the devs think harder about it icon_e_smile.gif