How to Use the Suggestions Forum! - A Guide!

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Hi, Welcome to the MtG:PQ Suggestions forum! Here are a couple of things to help, since this forum is new, and hopping, let's get it off to a good start.

First piece of info. Even if it looks like your thread gained no traction with other users, the reason this subforum exists, is because the producers of the game need a quick place to read customer feedback, and they do monitor this forum daily (when open), so your suggestions are in fact being read, even if it hasn't gotten the upvotes or responses you thought it might.

Secondly, upvoting! There is a little "thumbs up" button on the bottom right of each post, if you like the post, or idea, or addition to an idea, hit the button! You even have a spot to add a comment as to why you are upvoting it. When it hits 25 thumbs ups, the post turns green. Green Suggestions end up in a "Hot Topics" thread!

Third, this is also a feedback forum, since the producers and developers read this, they want your feedback, don't be shy, just please don't be rude. A good piece of feedback is always welcome, and as we have learned, occasionally, can lead to some change!

Lastly, and most importantly, be courteous, polite, and constructive. If you leave feedback or make a suggestion, even if it is out of frustration, try to make it pointed, but not angry, as those tend to go off topic quickly, same with replies, if you do not like a suggestion, or a piece of feedback, either make a nice non-attack counterpoint, or move along to a different post.. please do not troll with replies like "no" or "ugh" etc..

Happy Posting, if you have any questions, please feel free to PM any of the mods for help!

Thank you.


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    There is no reputation or "upvoting" in the suggestion forum.
  • There is no reputation or "upvoting" in the suggestion forum.

    To confirm: 124e7f51e54d85635e985af2469f9694.png

    The numeral near the bottom right is a reputation counter, but clicking it doesn't let you up/down vote. And the icon with an arrow farthest to the bottom right sends you to the top of the page.
  • Great start to a game. Enjoying it very much.

    Once quick battle has more meaning and at least has an option to make it much harder I will be excited. As it is now with bad cards and low level Plainswalkers it is hard to lose to the AI.

    Having multiple of the same cards is pointless but easy to fix by putting in a sell option.

    The story was fun but objectives that make you want to take damage, win with less life or take more rounds seem pointless. You basically are trying to play worst to win a challenge. I found it odd.

    Thank you for your hard work in improving this game!

  • Is this board still active? I can't post for some reason.
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    OliadailO wrote:
    Is this board still active? I can't post for some reason.

    Hi, your first post needed to be approved, so it has been!
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    Please approve my post icon_e_smile.gif
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    Hotketchup wrote:
    Please approve my post icon_e_smile.gif


    Also, for others and the future, please use this : viewtopic.php?f=15&t=13454&start=640

    That is a thread just for first posts!
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    Why is the new topic button disabled for this forum?
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    (I can't post a new topic, so hopefully this is okay)

    In the last 10 games I have played, my opponents have, on 4 separate occasions, gotten 3+ Extra Swaps in one turn. I don't think it's a bug necessarily, as random generators act like this on occasion, but it's very frustrating when I can go from winning to losing hard because of it.

    And it doesn't even help that I occasionally get ExtraSwaps because it doesn't feel like I'm beating them, it just feels like I got lucky (which is not what I want from a MtG game). It's the feeling of one player keeping a 7 hand and the other mulliganing to 3 -- it's just not fun.

    Otherwise I love the game icon_e_biggrin.gif
  • I seem to have no way to post a new topic. Is there a waiting period before new users can post topics?
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